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Instant impressions. Lasting impressions. The power of design to stir the imagination and jump-start every decision knows no bounds.
At S Plus, we've long believed in the strength of visual communication: the essence of a brand distilled in a compelling logo, the excitement of a new product captured in a brochure, a package that daringly thinks outside the box, a traffic-stopping billboard framed by a blue sky.
Our passion for excellence begins with a deep-down understanding of your business. What sets you apart sets us on our way, as we explore the details and the creative detours that inspire the most captivating and successful design.



Think of it as your visual DNA, the logo that defines your brand, latest products, most innovative services. From a crisp business card to a sign above Times Square, the environments for brand identity are limitless.


Modesty can only get you so far. Often, thinking big is a vital complement to a visual marketing program. S Plus celebrates the power of scale, creating posters for stores, exhibitions and special events.


We make it easy for clients to stand out in the crowd. Our trade show exhibits are notable for their impact across an exhibition hall. Our billboards rev the imagination, as do compelling graphics on building and trucks.


Stand out from crowd. S Plus knows that the best packaging is a mix of energy, quick information and a strong conceptual edge that says: Come closer, imagine the pleasures that await you inside!


Guidebooks, magazines and newsletters are impressive vehicles for establishing and maintaining category leadership. Let S Plus guide you through the many examples and personalities of editorial design.


Over the years, clients have turned to S Plus for a wide range of advertising projects spotlighting pacesetting camera technology, timeless jewelry, Broadway shows, international publications and much more.


Every ingredient leads to a lasting impression…the feel of the paper, the personality of the typography, the evocative tone of the imagery and words. Brochures embody a strong personal connection with the recipient.


S Plus specializes in creating innovative promotional items, including shopping bags, store displays, elaborate direct marketing programs, museum-quality calendars and holiday items.


Our interactive sites for Canon make cutting-edge technology accessible. Dynamic flash websites and promotional DVDs, add winning energy to sites that are exceptional for their clarity and operating efficiency.



S Plus is located in the heart of the Flatiron district - between 15th and 16th Streets on Fifth Ave. - just one block from Union Square. It’s the perfect neighborhood for creative spirits, imbued with a sense of old New York and the energy of all that’s new and exciting.

Getting Here

We’re surrounded by subway stops. Take your pick: The L, N, Q, R, W, 4, 5, 6 at Union Square and the L, F and V at 14th and Sixth Ave. offer an alphabet-ful of easy transport almost to our front door. And the Fifth Ave. bus stops right outside.


S Plus is always looking for talented people. Smart, curious, ever-resourceful individuals who love the challenge of stirring the marketplace with fresh, innovative thinking. While our prime needs are for gifted graphic designers, new projects can open the doors for the services of account pros, writers and office assistants, so feel free to share your skills and resume with us at

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